Easily save on your data usage with these 6 tips

Likes, streams, memes, videos, apps, updates: throughout the day, you consume a fair amount of data on your phone. And if you’re not on Wi-Fi, you might go through your data bundle faster than you’d prefer. For instance, if you check your favourite series on the go while the Wi-Fi connection goes down unnoticed, or […]

5 tips for recycling your old phone and SIM

What do you do with your old phone when you have a new one? Don’t be alarmed but a United Nations report shows that only 17.4% of electronic waste is disposed of properly and recycled…

Micro, nano and dual SIM: these are the differences

Without a SIM card, you can’t make calls, send texts or use mobile internet. The magical plastic card containing a tiny chip comes in all shapes and sizes, but what exactly is the difference between a micro SIM, e-SIM, duo SIM and dual SIM? Here we list the differences for you…

Everything you need to know about your pincode, pukcode and ICCID

Your PIN, PUK code and ICCID; all three have something to do with your SIM card. But what exactly are the differences between these three numbers and what do you actually need them for? In this blog, we take a closer look at these numbers and give you some useful tips.

New phone? This is how you transfer your contacts quickly

Did you recently get a new phone or are you planning to buy a new phone soon? One of the things to take into account is transferring your contacts. If you are wondering how to transfer your contacts quickly and easily, this blog will answer that question. Transferring contacts using the Cloud Totally happy with […]